Hair And Beauty Canada’s Top New Wigs: Kristi, Hudson, Evanna-All Under $600!

    Wearing new wigs is fun. Today not only wigs have become a style statement but also have helped millions achieve their desired hair look. So if you too are looking for that one piece that will change your mane, it’s high time you check out the latest collections from the house of Hair and Beauty Canada. An ideal place to end your search for a smart yet affordable wig! They have an extensive collection of both real and synthetic wigs that you can try.


    Just take a look at their top wig picks under $600 and we bet this wigs for women collection will leave you spellbound:


    Kristi is the 100% hand-tied and front trimmed wig from Kristen that has been widely popular among the wig lovers! With its face surrounding layers and medium length cut, this ageless bob will never leave style! This trim front wig with a monofilament and 100% hand-tied top gives a characteristic appearance and fit to the wearer.

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    Kristi's face-confining layers and medium length trim are certain to be a hit. The front lace gives the presence of a characteristic scalp, so there isn't a sudden fringe among hair and skin. Besides, the convenience, the common appearance, and the existence like the feel of trim wigs are added advantages which other wigs usually don't offer. This defensive style is powerful when you need that alternate route/style without having to really trim your hair. A perfect go-to wig for that instant sophistication!


    Fun loving curly spirals fall freely past the shoulders in this energetic fun style wig. Highlighting a trim front with lace part cap, this wig is highly versatile and creates a more realistic scalp with hair growth. A youthful and fun wig that lets you flaunt that everyday curl look flawlessly. Trim and hair quality looks and feels incredible.

    Hudson has turned out to be the favorite wigs among Rene of Paris collection. The added lift and volume to these pieces make them a richly crafted fun wig piece. You just have to "rough it up" a bit to give it a sensible look, however, it will stop people midway and get you heaps of compliments. This style from Hudson has got a great wig review, making it an all-time favorite of wig lovers.

    • Evanna Lace Wig

    Evanna Lace Wig

    A 100% hand-tied trim front and monofilament part are only the start with Evanna by Rene of Paris – a trendy, delicately waved, medium length obtuse cut weave. Evanna is fresh out of the box new style by Rene of Paris. It has entirely tousled waves in an adorable calculated sway cut, reminiscent of Julianne by Jon Renau!

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    This hairpiece has a left mono part and an open top. The trim front improves the look and even incorporates baby hair, adding to the authenticity of the piece! Evanna is highlighted in the spic and span shading of Honeycomb Brown, Ice Blonde and Pastel Blue. The shading is extremely designed forward with its one of a kind under-lighting, which adds profundity and enthusiasm to this style. Evanna has excellent beachy waves with an A-line sway cut. A beautiful blunt cut bob which is sure to get you many gazes!

    You can try many more styles and colors from wigs for sale at Hair and Beauty Canada. Its wigs Toronto collection is a must-see for every wig lover. There’s a wig for everyone and every piece has its own unique style. Find out what’s your style and take home the most stylish piece.

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