How To Choose the Perfect Hair Wig?

    how to choose the right hair wig

    It can be difficult to find the right hair wig to complement your style. There's a reason clients come to Hair & Beauty Canada for hair wigs. This guide will provide you with a detailed look at various wig types and wig styles, as well as recommendations on how to select the best hair wig.

    Here are the fundamentals to consider when purchasing a wig for the first time:

    • Your facial structure
    • The wig's length
    • The wig's cap construction
    • Texture of hair wig
    • The hair wig's versatility
    • Durability
    • Manageable
    • Convenient

    Let's take a look at some of the different types of wigs available.

    Wigs of Various Types

    Due to the abundance of wigs on the market, many clients are frequently perplexed as to which wig to select. Your stylist will ask you to select from ready-made, human hair, and semi-custom wigs. Ready-made wigs are synthetic, pre-styled, and are essentially a one-size-fits-all solution. If you prefer, your stylist can customise the synthetic hair for you by trimming and thinning it. One of the most appealing aspects of synthetic wigs is their low cost.

    Semi-custom-made wigs (usually human hair): your stylist can colour, perm, or order custom changes to the amount of hair or length based on your preferences. You'll notice that they're quite comfortable, as they're mostly made of medical-grade cap material that's been hand-tied. Your stylist can also add more detail to the front hairline.

    Hand Tied Caps

    Full lace and monofilament wigs are examples of this type of wig. Full lace is classified as glass-silk, swiss lace, and 100 percent hand-tied systems, whereas monofilament styles are classified as single units, double units, and 100 percent hand-tied units. In the categories of nylon mesh and polyester, monofilament material consists of excellent lace-like material.

    Customers with sensitive scalps can wear this wig with ease because it has a breathable top. Because the hand-tied hair on the monofilament wig shows your scalp colour through a mesh blend base, it will also conform to the colour of your scalp. It's also difficult to see the hairline, and you can part your hair however you want. Urethane strips are used to attach the adhesives in the full lace category.


    Some of the monofilament styles include a combination style with a hand-tied top and machine-made back and sides. This type of wig is reasonably priced and has the advantages of a hand-tied mesh unit. Lace front wigs have a lace portion in the front of the unit that can be customized to fit perfectly on your hairline.

    There is also welded lace, which is made of fibres that are tightly woven together to form a fabric. This will make it easier for your stylist to divide the unit as needed. Another advantage is that the welded lace is extremely durable. There are also French drawn units with three layers of material, usually two layers of glass-silk and one layer of lace. When it comes to lace front wigs, you don't want to stretch the lace because it won't return to its original shape.

    Knot Types In Wigs

    When selecting a wig, keep in mind the various types of knots used in wig construction. The single knot is made up of a knot tied where the hairs fall back in a loop through the knot. There's also the single split knot, which is a knot that's tied only once. The single split knot, unlike a single knot, has only one hair that loops through the knot. Because the hairstylist ties it twice, the double knot is completely secure. There is a double split knot that looks like a single knot but is twice as strong as a single knot. Finally, the V-loop knot is achieved by sewing the hair in a V or U shape through the base material while ensuring extra security.

    Hair Styles

    There is human hair that has the appearance and feel of natural hair. It also enables you to semi-customize the wig to your liking. Human hair is long-lasting, and with proper care, it can last for a year or more.

    There is also synthetic hair, which often resembles human hair in appearance and feel. You cannot, however, style it as you wish. The hair does not require any maintenance and can be worn immediately after purchase. Synthetic hair only lasts four to six months if properly cared for.

    Finally, there is heat-friendly synthetic hair that can be styled as desired. It is less long-lasting and only lasts two to three months, depending on how well it is cared for. They are still working on perfecting this material.


    The first factor to consider when selecting a hair wig is durability. Everything that is purchased is intended to be long-lasting. The longevity of a hair wig is determined by the type of hair wig chosen. Hair wigs made of synthetic hair are less durable, whereas natural hair wigs are more durable. Although synthetic hair wigs are less expensive, they last less long than human hair wigs. Still, if a synthetic wig is chosen, care must be taken to ensure that it is not damaged as a result of continuous use. It is important to ensure that the chosen website does not shed its hair before the expiry date.


    Another factor to consider when purchasing a hair wig is whether or not it is manageable. The wig should be easier to manage, and it should be comfortable to wear. The wig should be easy to put on and take off. Another factor to consider before purchasing is the ease with which the wig can be altered to fit the buyer's preferences. One should be able to style the hair wig to his liking. Some people like to style the wig by colouring it, cutting it to their liking, or styling it with curls.


    The wig should be easy to use and should not cause too much trouble for the user. Any substance that can irritate the skin should not be present in the hair wig. Because a hair wig is worn for an extended period of time, it should not cause any problems with long-term use. If it is possible, one should choose a natural hair wig because they feel more natural. The hair wig should be simple to use and comfortable to wear.

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