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Collection: Color Samples

Color Rings – If you are not able to decide what color will look good on you then you can always RENT a color ring from us to view at home. Color rings are the perfect guide to help you decide which color to choose for your wig. You can keep the rings for a week and upon their return back to us, less a small processing fee of $10. Upon receipt, we will  provide you with an in-store credit to use towards your wig purchase once you've decided on a color. 

Disclaimer: These items are for rent only! There are no refunds. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please Note: Color rings are not guaranteed to have all colors on the rings, and actual color distribution on products may appear different than what is on the rings. They are only to be used as a guide. All color rings are synthetic fibre unless otherwise noted as human hair.

Terms: Failure to return the color rings will result in charges of the actual color ring which are over and above listed rental fee pricing. Your cooperation is appreciated.