What to Expect with your new Human Hair Wig

    styling your  new human hair wig


    Getting Started with a Human hair

    Thank you for your human hair wig purchase! Upon first receiving your new human hair wig, you may notice that your wig seems to appear limp and even flat, but do not panic! Conditions such as packaging, humidity, air quality and dryness during shipping can make the hair to appear dull and lifeless, and curl wigs may lose their shape, but this can easily be rectified after washing and setting.

    Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs do not maintain their shape and style. Because these wigs are real hair and have been cut from a scalp and no longer are connected to a blood source, they need to be maintained and taken care of just like your own hair to look their best. Human hair wigs need to be, brushed, combed, trimmed and styled every time you wear them.

    Always remember, that real hair is just that – “real hair”. This human hair wig will be just like your own hair would react under various conditions, hot days, cool days, humid days and the like.

    Our human hair wigs are semi-styled for this reason and you will need to restyle the wig upon arrival when you are wearing the unit to best compliment and suit your face shape and align it with your personal style.

    Wash your wig, dry it, wear and style it and you will surely see the difference but before you do, please make sure to read our blog post,  How to Wash Your Human Hair Wigs prevent matting.

    Human hair wigs have many benefits because they are real, the styling options are needless and you save tons of money in the long run because they last longer than synthetic wigs. Some human hair wigs, if cared for correctly can last 2-3 years.

    So where do I start you ask? The first thing you need to do is style your hair. Human hair wigs and hairpieces are best styled when you are wearing them or you can style them on a stationary mannequin head for optimal results.
    Naturally as Hair & Beauty Canada is exclusive an online company, we don’t have the luxury of seeing you in persons, placing the wig on your head, or the ability to blow dry or curl it for you in full view to make it “show case” ready but rest assured your new wig was designed perfectly with love one strand at a time to provide you with the most natural look and feel.

    Now that you have your human hair unit with you, we recommend that you book an appointment with a hairstylist in your area to have the piece cut and styled additionally if you need more adjustments or even coloured if needed to suit your face shape and complexion if needed. Although you can style or colour your unit yourself, a hairstylist can always help you get the best look out of your hairpiece and finish it to your satisfaction.

    Styling Your Custom Wig

    Now that you have your custom unit in your hands, you must be excited to put it on. Your custom unit is made with 100% Human Hair. It’s all real so you can do almost anything you want with it just like you would your own hair.
    If you don’t want to use a hairdresser to style your wig, that is okay to! You can do it yourself. Practice makes perfect. Just because your unit is custom, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun styling it yourself. The best styling tools for human hair are steam rollers. We’ve also included a list below of supplies that can be used for styling and caring for your wig. Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal tools may be used on low settings to style your hair. You can style the wig while you are wearing it or you can pin the wig onto a mannequin head and style it there first before putting it on.

    In order to create the most natural looking hairline possible, you will have to set the hair in the front of the wig. To do this, take a spray bottle of water and lightly mist the hair around the hairline. Then take a fine tooth long handled comb and pull the desired amount of hair that you require forward. Roll the hair with a roller or use pins to set to desired style and then blow dry or allow the hair to dry naturally. If you want bangs, you can use this same procedure for cutting in your own hair bangs as well. We recommend you always cut your bangs longer than the desired length first, put the wig on and then trim to suit.

    Unless you ordered a permanent part in your unit, your unit is most likely multi-directional. This means that you can part the simulated scalp any way you like. Using plain water, or styling hold gels or sprays and parting the hair where you want it can be set and styled to your liking. You can cut bangs into your unit as well using the same method. Always cut your bangs longer at first than you like while wearing the wig to avoid making any mistakes.

    Coloring Your Wig

    Although we never recommend it, if your new wigs color isn't what you desired, the good news is that you can dye it because It’s real! Human hair wigs are human hair so they can in fact be dyed but do so at your own risk.
    If for any reason, you need to dye your unit, it is always best to have it done professionally by a hair stylist. Do not leave the hair dye on too long to avoid any over processing of the hair. There are many great over the counter hair dyes that can be used on wigs at home. Make sure to choose semi-permanent hair color and choose a product that is strictly for “processed hair” as those kits usually include a conditioning cream that goes on the wig before dying take place to keep the hair from damage.

    Wearing Your Human Hair Wig

    To get started, place a nylon wig cap on your head to cover your own hair. This will help lye your own hair flat under the wig and even help a more secure fit. If you don’t have hair, we recommend that you cleanse the scalp and then slip your wig on.

    Feel free to use the adjustable straps to tighten to fit to desired comfort. If you feel comfortable using tape, you can also use adhesive on your unit but it is not necessary. Depending on the type of design you have, you should position the (ear tabs) slightly above your ears to find the right fit.

    If your unit has a neck tab, that should be centered at the nape of your neck. Some units have come with clips or combs. You can also use this to secure the unit to your own hair and find correct positioning.

    Having a human hair wig is great fun. Your unit is made of real hair, so you can cut it style it, and curl or straighten it as you like. With proper care, your unit can last you a very long time. Listed below is a list of tools to help keep your human hair unit long lasting and beautiful. Enjoy your new hair!

    Human Hair – Wig Care Check List

    • Spray Bottle
    • Wig Cap
    • Styro Foam Mannequin Head or Canvas Wig Block with T-pins
    • Sleep Cap
    • Two Way Tape
    • Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Wide Tooth Comb or Brush
    • Large Curling Iron with Low Heat Settings
    • Steam Rollers
    • Plastic Stand
    • Wig Care Human Hair Kit
    • Human Hair Wig Conditioning Spray
    • Wig Spray

    If you have any questions about wig care, please click below for more articles.