A complete guide to the World of Wigs: Transformation towards the beauty

    Wigs form the most important part of the beauty industry. Wigs have become quite popular these days in many countries,i.e mostly in Western countries. A large variety of ranges of wigs are available in the market. But wait, there must be some of you who don’t understand what a wig is? Why they are worn? What is the purpose? Which one is better? Let us try to understand each perspective of the wig.

    A complete guide to the World of Wigs
    What are Wigs?

    One of the most important questions, which has struck your mind while reading the topic. In simple words, wigs are something which is used to cover your head; basically, it is made from human hair or animal hair. Most of the wigs are synthetic wigs as it is made from the synthetic fibres. Wigs are generally worn for many purposes like there are many people who want to hide their hair loss; wearing a wig will cost them cheaper rather than going for a surgery. Celebrities who want to change their appearance in every movie or award function as they are in constant need to look different and beautiful use wigs. Wigs are quite popular among cancer patients, as because of their treatment they were made bald.

    Historical Significance of Wigs

    During the earlier period of time, Egyptian men or women used to shave their heads because of any kind of ritual. Moreover, after chopping off their hair, these Egyptians want to protect their head from the scorching sun rays, so they use wigs in that case.

    Difference between the synthetic hair wigs and the Human Hair Wigs?

    You must be wondering about the underlying difference between the synthetic and the natural wigs and which is best for you? There are a different set of advantages and disadvantages attached to each type of hair wigs. Moreover, it depends on your budget and purpose like which wig you want to prefer.

    Human Hair Wigs are natural and are quite versatile as it makes you look quite natural. Part your hairs in any sort of direction as per your needs.  These type of hair wigs are quite expensive and they are more durable in nature.

    Whereas Synthetic Hair wigs are not quite bad as there are many people who could exactly point the difference between the synthetic and human wigs. Synthetic Wigs are quite easy to use as you can take them out of the box and place over your head. With very minimal styling and fewer efforts, you can maintain your wig.

    Buying Techniques of Wigs

    You should have a complete knowledge of wig buying guide as it is one of a major factor in determining which wig is best suited for you. There are a lot of major technological advancements in the field of wig manufacturing and they have transformed your grandmother’s pin to the beautiful laces and amazing hair products. The base or the cap is the material on which the hair is attached to create a complete wig. Nowadays, these caps are lighter, durable and give quite a natural look as compared to earlier. While going to buy the wig make sure that you buy the lighter cap. These caps are designed with different methods and can be added advantages for your new look.

    Types of Wigs

    There is a different type of wigs available in the market according to your needs, budget and purpose. Go through the different types of wigs and find the right kind of wig for yourself.

    1.Ready-Made Wigs:- These mostly falls under the synthetic hair wigs and can be easily found in any beauty parlours or beauty vendors. Mostly these type of wigs are pre-styled and can be adjusted in anyone's head. People with a minimal budget can go these type of wigs as they are quite budget friendly and it ranges from $20 to $ 400.

    2.Lace Front Wigs:- It is made by human hair wigs, a bit expensive but quite versatile as you can style up your hair, the way you want. Here the hairpiece looks like natural hair scalp and it is sewn on units crown. You can easily part your hair in one or two ways. Lace front wigs cost you in between $100 to $500.

    3.Full Lace Wigs:- It is the most expensive wig out of all, as it is made from the human hair and constructed with the help of full lace wig as a ventilated unit and has a lot of versatility by allowing you to part your hair in any direction you want. Generally, such wigs will cost you in between $200 to $5000 of the best quality.

    4.Custom Wigs:- This kind of wigs are specifically designed for one person by keeping his style preferences in mind. Mostly the hairdresser creates the base, fits your head and then sews the hair of your choice. This will not cost you more than $200 and available in full-lace wigs or lace front wigs.

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    How to put a wig on your head?

    A complete wise process to install a lace front wigs or any type of wig on your head. Go through the instructions below:-

    Step 1:- Preparation

    Wash your head with a shampoo properly and try to make sure that the entire region is oil-free, Now put the adhesive to the areas of the wig and blow it dry for 30 seconds. Place the front part of the wig on the forehead and press firmly for 60 seconds.

    Step 2:- Trim the lace on your full lace wig

    Trimming is only required for the first time, once you are done put the lace on the head. Use the clips to fasten your wig from your scalp line.

    Step 3:- Protect your skin

    Try to clean your skin with a cotton ball dipped with isopropyl alcohol and remove the body oils that could prevent the wig adhesive from sticking properly. Scalp protector must be used in order to protect the hairline.

    Step 4:- Apply Adhesive

    Apply the thin layer of adhesive to the entire hairline using a small makeup brush or a cosmetic stick. Wait for the glue to become tacky then apply the wig.

    Step 5:- Attach the Wig

    Attach the wig to the hairline which is in the front middle of the forehead, Press the edge of wig down against the glue skin and work around the hairline till the entire hairline gets attached

    Step 6:- Style your wig

    Pull your wig and ironing can smoothen your wig. Part your hair as per your need such that the hairline is revealed

    A detailed overview of Full Lace Wig And Frontal Lace Wig

    FULL LACE WIG:- A lace cap will cover the entire head and is fully made with the human hair, There is a strip of stretch lace over the top of the crown to allow for movement for every kind of hair growth underneath and for different variations in head size. You will have the ability to part your hair as per your need, you can pull up your ponytail and other sorts of up-dos and this will last longer than the front laces.

    Product measurements:-

    Cap Size: Medium Size (22 - 22.5 inch);

    Lace Color:Medium color;

    Density:120-130% Density.

    Best Quality: It is known to be one of the best virgin unprocessed human natural hair and it has got no shredding.

    Hair Quality: no shedding, no tangles, no lice and it is most easy to wear as it is easily adjustable straps

    LACE FRONTAL WIG:- This kind of laces are the just small sheer type of laces which is attached in front of the wig. The hair with the strands is hand sewn with the holes of the lace. Wearing the lace front is quite simple as they are stretchy and it will cover the entire scalp area, thus making your hair look beautiful.

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    Product measurements:- Lace frontal wigs are completely handmade with 100% of human hair and it can be very lightly bleached to give a natural look. Lightly bleached knot makes sure about the lace frontal lasts for longer periods of time.

    Density: 120%-130% Density.

    Parting Style: Free part, middle part.

    Attribute: It is quite soft and tangles free and it is quite durable in nature.


    Here is the table which will accurately help you to understand the differences between both the wigs properly.

    First-time wig wearer Best wig for the first time wearer Slightly more complicated to wear. Best if you have worn wigs previously

    Best wig for volume

    The wig gives adds some amount of volume at the back of lace front.

    Has less volume.

    The hair strands are creating by sewing the knos of the full lace.. The full lace is light.

    Versatility You can always part the lace area in front Versatile in nature. You can part any way you like.

    Hope that it clears all the confusion regarding which wig to choose and which do not.

    Which wig to buy according to your face shape?

    You must be wondering which wig to buy according to the shape of your face. Here are some of the guidelines which will help you to overcome this problem.

    1.Oval Face:- If you have an oval face shape than you would have wide jawlines than your cheekbones. According to your face, you should go with any kind of hairstyle, try to maintain a medium length as well the texture.

    2.Round Face:- Women with round faces are considered obese with the neck appearing short, so basically, your face will look good with some linear or geometrical styles. Comb your hair close to the head both on the side and the back of your neck.

    3.Square Face:- Square faced people have wide hairline or jawlines if you add height to your face and comb your hair neatly; you will look gorgeous. Curly hair or some wisps will break the wideness of your face, straight lines are mostly found on square faces.

    4.Heart Face:- This will widen your forehead and narrow your chins. If you want to hide the wideness of your face, add fringes to your face. Keep your hair close to your head and try to full your jaw as well the beneath of the earlobes.

    Hope now you have got the entire guidelines which wig to buy or wear. Please follow the strategies or tips which can help you with your styling and a new appearance.

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