A Beginners Guide To Start Wigging: A Complete Know-How About Wigs!

    Wearing wigs can be a scary experience for the first time wig wearers and can surround even the most confident person with a number of what ifs. Like, what if my wig doesn’t look natural? What if it falls in public? What if people notice that it’s a wig? A beginner is always found with these questions, which makes the entire process of wig wearing tougher for him/her. But, the things aren’t as difficult as these what ifs. You can easily step out in hair wigs. It just requires you to be relaxed and follow some tips to achieve your very own wig style so that you can flaunt it with a show-stopping attitude.


    So, the very first thing for the beginner is to choose the right wig. It is always better to go with the hair wigs that are close to your natural color and cut initially as it can make you feel more comfortable in a wig until you feel confident experimenting with different cuts and styles. Once you have got the wig get it styled by your stylist in a style that complements your features, thus making you feel like ‘you’ again. Well, there are only two types of wigs, full wigs, and half wigs that comprise of all other major categories.

    If you want to wear a wig away from your face then a lace front wig is the best choice. Their delicate finish allows you to part the wig in whichever way you want and provides you a superfine undetectable hairline. However, if you love experimenting with your locks, then hand tied wigs are a great way to achieve that new look.

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    Now, let’s come over to the wig buying process. In order to get the best fit for your head, you must concentrate on 4Cs of wigs. It includes Cut, Cap size, Composition and Color. You must have thorough knowledge about all these Cs before buying a wig for yourself. Just start your research now!

    As soon as you buy the wig of your choice, the next challenge is to put it rightly. For this, you will have to prepare your hair accordingly. No matter whether you have a partial hair loss or there are still natural hair to cover you must pin them back properly. Now time to put on your wig, unwrap it first and hold it properly with both hands. Make sure the label is at the back. Now tilt your head forward and place the front of the wig on your front hairline and slide it backward. Adjust it until it feels comfortable and light on your natural hairline. You can use wig clips or wig tapes for a firm support. Once fixed, you are ready to step out in an all new style.

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    Last but not the least, care for your wigs. If you’ll love them they’ll love you back. Offer them proper cleansing, conditioning, and styling to keep them fresh and beautiful. Just treat them as your original hair and they’ll serve you for a longer time.

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    • I have had my hair thinning for a while, but I finally am ready to get a wig and try to rebuild my self-confidence. I really appreciate the information, I in the states and found Best wig outlet and think I will buy and try! Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it.

      Millie cox

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