Daily Wig Wearing Hacks: Solutions To Common Wig Problems!

    Wigs are indeed the perfect accessory for that bad hair day. That is why most women prefer wearing wigs on a daily basis. They don't just enhance our looks but also hide away our most common hair issues. Yes, from overcoming hair loss in women to seamlessly integrating the scalp with facial features, wigs have evolved significantly in the past few decades.

    However, if you are a wig newbie and know nothing about the use and maintenance of the same, you would surely face issues such as uncomfortable fit, itchy scalp, frizzy hair and a lot more. And, you know what; these are enough to break your confidence. Improper knowledge of wigs can result in embarrassing wig malfunctions too.

    So if you are wearing wigs on a daily basis or planning to do the same, it’s important to understand this accessory from the scratch and learn to deal with its various issues in the right way.

    •Wearing wig of incorrect cap size: This is one of the common problems which are faced by almost every wig user. If you wear a wig bigger than your scalp size, people may easily notice that you’re wearing a wig as it won’t give the usual realistic look and feel. On the other hand, wearing a wig that fits you too tightly may result in natural hair loss around the frontline and crown area.
    Solution: Before ordering the wig, measure the circumference of your head from the front hairline, back hairline, both the ears and nape of your neck. If you are finding it difficult to determine the right wig, you can consult a professional hairstylist too. However, customized wigs are always considered as an ideal choice for a secure, comfortable, and convenient fit.

    •Using the wrong adhesive: Glue adhesives or toupee tapes are used to secure the wigs for a longer period of time. But these adhesives being made from different chemicals might not suit all skin types. This can result in problems like skin irritation, itching, receding hairline, and many more.

    Solution: Before using any adhesive, make sure you perform a patch test on a small area of your skin. If you don’t observe any allergic reaction or irritation within 24 hours, you can use the adhesive. Especially, if you’re wearing wigs on a daily basis, then it’s better to seek professional help from the hairstylist and use the suggested heat and water-resistant adhesive.

    •Wigs being itchy and dull: For wearing wigs on a daily basis, it’s important for you to maintain them carefully. Improper maintenance of wigs can lead to problems such as scalp dryness, receding natural hairline, unnecessary baldness, and itchiness. Additionally, it will also add to your wig’s dullness and frizziness.

    How to make a wig less itchy? Itchiness occurs due to two reasons—low-quality wigs and improper maintenance. Your maintenance routine should include – frequent shampooing and conditioning, regular combing and using wig liners. It’s also advisable to avoid using excessive styling tools and replacing the wig in every six months to keep it looking fresh, alive, and shining.

    •Wigs become too frizzy: Dry, damaged, and frizzy wig ends can affect your overall appearance. Your wig becomes frizzy due to reasons like improper styling, usage of low-quality or natural hair shampoo, excessive exposure to styling tools, irregular washing, and so on.

    How to fix frizzy wig ends? Just like your natural hair, your wigs too require good care and maintenance, especially when you’re wearing wigs on a daily basis.

    So here are the best 5 ways to fix your frizzy wig ends:

    •Apply moisturizing or leave-in conditioning products after every shampoo
    •Trim the ends of the wig-ends and give a new, shorter style to your wig.
    •Detangle the ends with your fingers or a wide-toothed brush after wear if you are wearing wigs on a daily basis.
    •Applying oil- sheen spray on the ends can also add the required moisture and shine to your hairpiece
    •Apply thermal sprays while straightening or perming your wig with high-temperature styling tools. Note: If you are styling synthetic wigs or curly wigs, make sure you use a good amount of spray to avoid frizz.

    So Ladies, next time whenever you use a wig, make sure you seriously follow the above tips to preserve its beauty, shine, and comfort.

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