Did You Know Facts About Human Hair Wigs: A Wig Guide That Is Unknown To Many!

    There is no denying the fact that human hair wigs can last longer than your synthetic wig but this doesn’t mean you will stop taking care of them the way they demand. It’s not just about the shampoo, conditioner or the wig stand; the right care involves a lot more than this. We all know the basics of wig care and have been using a wig guide to offer them the best treatment, however, sometimes we have to go an extra mile to get the outstanding results, which not only lead to extensive durability but also retain the freshness of the lace front wigs. 

    There are many things about the human hair wigs which remain unexplored. This is because we are still following the pre-conceived notions about the wigs and have restricted our knowledge to just gentle washing, brushing, mild shampooing and conditioning. Whether it is wigs for white women or a synthetic wig, the basic care and attention to detail is simply not enough to get the desired results from them. You have to take an advanced care of your wigs if you are considering them as a long term investment. So here are some facts that are unknown to many but if followed without fail, they will result in amazing outcomes.

    Get to know how your human hair wigs need to be treated!

    •    Whenever you are trying out a new human hair wig, make sure to wash it first and then wear it.
    •    No matter how expensive your wigs Canada are, you will have to get them professionally styled before you can wear them. Just don’t get discouraged by how they look out of the box, you will have to get them style-ready.
    •    Understanding the amount of moisture-retention required by the human hair wigs is the ultimate solution of long-term wig care.
    •    Always buy one shade darker than what you are looking for in your wigs Canada. This is because the colors on human hair wigs tend to be slightly lighter than on a synthetic wig. Don’t think of taking its lighter shade and dying it afterwards as dark dyed colors on wigs can fade away very fast.
    •    If you really want to experiment on your human hair wigs by straightening or curling them then use only ceramic plated heating tools. Just don’t try to perm or relax the hair as they have been already permed for texture and excess of it can ruin the wig.
    •    Try to have more than one wig in a similar style and alternate color as human hair wigs take longer to dry and style. And, wearing a wet wig will feel like a heavy hot basket no matter of what material it is made of so it’s better to have an option.
    •    A wig must be washed in a still water as rinsing and washing it under high-pressure running water can lead to severe damages.

    I hope the mystery behind a right wig care has been solved; now it’s time to take an action!

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