Tried And Tested Ways To Fix Your Dry Frizzy Human Hair Wigs

January 19, 2017 1 Comment

When human hair wigs got introduced many women had a sigh of relief. It relieved them from those weekly salon sittings, which involved a lot of curling, heating, and cutting off their original tresses. In short, their real hair got some respite from those salon extremities. Now with a variety of hairpieces in their closet, they can change up their hairstyle anytime anywhere. The human hair wigs are fun to wear and can change your look in a short time but they too need proper care and maintenance to upkeep their look and shine. But, usually, the wigs get over-used because of their adaptability and extensibility and become crimped over time. So, the necessary steps should be taken to preserve their beauty so that they can make you look beautiful for a longer time.

frizzy human hair wig

No doubt, it is picking the right wig that makes a big impact in the way you feel but if not taken care of properly then this impact too can fade away with time. Therefore, nurturing your human hair wigs is also important. Over the time these hair pieces get frizzy because they are not receiving the optimum moisture naturally as they are not growing from your scalp. This means your human hair wigs need some external agents to retain that moisture and shine. And, this is possible only if you take out some time to follow these steps:

Our conscious knows how much we over-use our wigs. From its over-drying to over-styling, not a single strand of the wig is left unaffected and this is what makes them frizzy. So, here is the post that will help you bring back your human hair wigs into their true form. You just have to follow these simple steps to make them healthy and beautiful once again.

Here is the quick moisture therapy for a wig that used to be attractive and has lost its shine over time.

•    Once again it’s time you give rest to your human hair wig on its wig head-form. Don’t you think it’s been a long time you did this to your wig? Well, certainly yes because it wouldn’t have been frizzy if you would have done it periodically
•    Now give it some cozy time by spraying it with water and wetting it thoroughly. Just make it relaxed

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•    It’s time your human hair wigs get a deep conditioning session. Allow the conditioner to set for at least five minutes
•    Time for a cold water bath now, which will seal the hair cuticles of your human hair wigs
•    Allow it to air dry without using the comb
•    After this, spray your human hair wigs with a detangler and comb it carefully using a wide-toothed comb. You must work from the ends toward the scalp to remove the tangles.
Claps! You have got an all-new wig for one more time now. Enjoy using it to the fullest.

Expert Tip: Wash them once or twice a week depending on your usage and try to use alcohol-free hair products only!

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How to fix frizzy wig ends without spoiling your wig?

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Janice Wilcox
Janice Wilcox

March 14, 2019

It is always a pleasure to read your wigs blog. I learn a lot. My wig only seems to get frizzy and dried out when its cold outside but other than that, it seems to be okay. I will take note of the tips provided in this article and let you know how it goes.

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