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How to Put On a Wig Cap

If you’ve never used hair wigs before then surely you might wonder about how the natural hair remains at its place inside when one wears a hair wig. Well, wig caps are the answer to this question. One wears them in order to assemble natural hair carefully and then place the wig on top of it. Also, the color of the wig cap is flesh colored nylon which camouflages the entire piece, making it suitable for your wig piece to settle on it firmly. Learn more about how to put on a wig cap.

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Rundown On Hair Wigs: Everything Starting From Its History, Popularity To Future Market Growth

Hair wigs have been around for a good deal of time. From ancient Egyptians where both men and women used to wear wigs to the English court where there was a certain amount of flair and fashion when it comes to wearing one, the history of hair wigs has been as colorful as it gets. Even French people had predominantly incorporated wigs in their attire, which means wigs have cultural semblance too. So if you thought it to be a recent trend, you need to get your basics right. For, these artificial hair have been serving both beauty and medical...

Facts About Human Hair Wigs and Types

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it is more than likely that there still are different types of human hair wigs that you are still left to discover and explore. Yes, the varieties in real hair wigs are huge and one has many options to choose from. So why not have a look at different type of wigs today and order something new?


You know there is so much to explore when it comes to human wigs; be it in the form of wig caps, the weft design or...

The Hair Extensions Guide Every Canadian Women Needs

If you are a regular user of hair wigs then you might have come across different types of hair extensions and various ways in which one can make optimum use of the same. However, here it is essential to understand that hair extensions and hair wigs serve an almost similar purpose but they are both different. While a hair wig is an entirety in itself, an extension is just an add-on to your hair. So keeping this distinction in mind, we present the hair extensions guide that you’ve been waiting for.

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A complete guide to the World of Wigs: Transformation towards the beauty

Wigs form the most important part of the beauty industry. Wigs have become quite popular these days in many countries,i.e mostly in Western countries. A large variety of ranges of wigs are available in the market. But wait, there must be some of you who don’t understand what a wig is? Why they are worn? What is the purpose? Which one is better? Let us try to understand each perspective of the wig.

A complete guide to the World of Wigs
What are Wigs?

One of the most important questions, which has struck your...