How to Put On a Wig Cap

    If you’ve never used hair wigs before then surely you might wonder about how the natural hair remains at its place inside when one wears a hair wig. Well, wig caps are the answer to this question. One wears them in order to assemble natural hair carefully and then place the wig on top of it. Also, the color of the wig cap is flesh colored nylon which camouflages the entire piece, making it suitable for your wig piece to settle on it firmly. Learn more about how to put on a wig cap.

    wig cap

    So all about wigs and wig cap that you need to know is here! This will help you make the right use of both the accessories.

    Should one wear a wig cap?

    Well, whether to wear it or not, it is completely a personal choice! Also, as wig caps aren’t that expensive, one can give them a try and decide if they’d like to wear them or not. In cases where people have a sensitive scalp, it is suggested that they wear a wig cap in order to avoid any sort of friction because of the mesh base of the wig, however, if that isn’t the case then there is no point in wearing a wig cap apart from securing all hair at one place which can be done in other ways too. So it’s on you whether you want it or not.

    Well, there are pros of wearing a wig cap, which are as under:

    1) People with complete hair loss should opt for a wig cap as it works as a protective barrier against the weft of wig caps.

    2) For people with a sensitive scalp, it gives an extra layer of comfort as already mentioned before. Therefore, making wearing wigs a good experience.

    3) If you worry about the wig not staying in place or if your natural hair isn’t strong enough to support the weight of a wig then wearing a wig cap is definitely the best thing to do as it gives you the secure base that you need.

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    Some cons of wearing a wig cap:

    1) The only complaint that can be heard is that it feels too hot when you wear one especially if it has a nylon base.

    2) Also, wig caps can become a tad bit restrictive if you wear them for too long causing mild headaches. Hence, it is suggested that you limit the usage to bearable durations if you tend to get headaches because of it.

    How to wear a wig cap?

    1) Apply some sort of hair gel to set your hair at one place so that it becomes easier to tuck them under the cap.

    2) If you have long hair then wear them in braids.

    3) For people having thin hair, you can opt for a bun at the base of your neck.

    4) When wearing the wig cap, align it with your natural hairline so that you get a neat look. Tuck the sides behind your ears and extend it all over the nape of your neck and tuck everything in.

    Doing it this way is sure to make your wig wearing experience an easy one, which will also account for that completely natural look.

    You can find economical and durable wig caps at wig store Toronto that in stores an extensive range of such hair accessories. But before you plan to shop for these caps, just find out whether a wig cap suits you or not. For, at the end of the day it is your personal choice and preference that matters. Opt for a way that makes you feel comfortable!

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