Get To Know Your Wigs And Their Cap Construction Types!

    The term wigs might sound like a simple cap or a covering to hide your baldness but when you take a deeper look, you realize that there are different types of wigs and their construction varies greatly. The construction difference determines the advantages of the products and this where selecting the right wig type makes a difference.

    Cap Construction Types
    The most commonly used wig type is the wefted cap or the traditional wig!

    This type of cap comes with a lace piece fitted inside just under the crown portion. This wig also features a skin like thing in the part portion to which hair is attached so that it creates an illusion like looking at the wearer's scalp when you look at their scalp. The rear part is made of machine wefts and allows for proper flow of air and this is quite durable too.

    The Capless wig is another very popular form of wig type construction!

    This is, however, a very durable and reasonable type of wig with a simpler construction style. This wig also features open machine wefts in the rear part. This makes the wig look both cool and light to wear. The hair in crown portion is, at times teased a bit to hide wefting and this is what makes the hair look more voluminous. This kind of wig is ideal for people who don't like or need parting.

    The versatile monofilament cap for that much-needed naturalness!

    Monofilament cap, also known as mono top makes use of very light and translucent mesh in crown portion. This gives a more realistic appearance to your hair styling. The translucent mesh takes your scalp color when the wig is placed on the scalp. These are very versatile wigs as they let you part your hair as per requirement. This is also one of the most expensive wigs.

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    Nothing can impart that perfect natural looking hairline than lace front wigs!.

    Lace front wigs, going by its name it has the hair attached to the fine lace in the hairline. This is used to attach or glue the wig in its place while creating the perfectly natural appearance. Only professionally trained wig makers can create such specially designed wigs. The lace can also be shaped according to the client's requirement. This is a very delicate quality lace wig that needs high maintenance. This is why the lace is often attached using strong glue. These types of wigs are equally costly as the monotop cap wigs. This method of wig construction is primarily used for making wigs for ladies.

    When you need quality design and the highly skilled end result, hand tied wigs are the way to go!

    Hand tied lace wigs, just like the lace front wigs and the monofilament top wigs are constructed through hand tied method. The tying is done at the base of the lace. This process is carried out throughout the wig and this is a highly time-consuming process. The lace quality is, however, soft and moulds easily to suit the shape of your head. You can fit it personally to achieve a more realistic look. This doesn't feature any wefts in the rear area. This type of wig also requires great care in terms of maintenance.

    So no matter whether you are using Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic wigs, construction style and material usage plus glue quality makes a lot of difference. These things determine the longevity of the wigs. The Synthetic Wigs might be a bit cheaper but they also render a natural look to the wearer. The construction style plays a very crucial role.

    All in all, it’s all lies in the cap of the wig you choose!

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