Get Basic Wig Styling Tips for a Perfect Look!!

    Wondering, how to style your wig? With so many options and types of quality wigs in the market, it has become so intricate to style a wig. The styling has not remained so easy alongside proper wig care. You must have to follow some wig care precautions and exquisite styling techniques to get an astounding look every time.

    Wigs are a great way to bald head care. But the styling and wig care are equally important to keep it in the desired position. There we have shared some tricks to keep your wig in the best position! Just get into it!

    Natural Styles

    natural look wig care tips
    To create a natural-looking style, you can prefer having a head form. On this head form, it would be easy for you to give a particular style to your wig, and then you can directly wear it.

    On the very first, detangle the knots with a wide-tooth comb. Trim out the wig if the wig is too blunt or not suit your face. You can even change the part by dampening the wig roots as per your choice and then use dryer too cool.

    If wig carries some curls then use a steamer to lighten up. If you want to add curls then you can use foam curlers and put the wig onto it. Braid the natural hair now and put the wig to your head.

    Wig Updo

    • Create a Bun
    Purchase clip-in extensions by matching your wig color. Now take the wig hair and wrap up by using clip-in extensions. Use it in a way to create a bun. It is a great way to style the wig besides keeping a wig in a good position.
    • Create Ponytail
    Pull a small quantity of hair towards the lace on the backside. Loop it towards the back of the head and cover the whole lace to make a ponytail.
    • Other Updo

    You can use hairsprays and add French twists by using pins. Bobby pins are the best in this regard. By pinning the roots towards the back you can do a French twist to your hair.

    Fabric Dye for Brighter Look

    You can dip the wig into fabric dye to give any color of your choice to it. For this, you can purchase a white-colored wig and soak it into the dye color for at least 30 mins to add a proper color to it.
    Wig Shine making it Look Unnatural? Here are the ways to make it Look Original!

    Human hair wigs are known for the original appearance that it bestows the users. However synthetic wigs are extremely shining which betray its original factor instantly. But no worries, use these simple tricks to make it look less-shiny and natural.

    Baby powder or talc powder can play a vital role in removing the shine. Just sprinkle it all over the wig and use your makeup brush to spread it evenly. Now you can wear this non-shiny wig by shaking it to remove the extra powder.

    Washing is another way to get a natural look by removing the shine from it. Add a few tablespoons of fabric softener in the water while washing it. Let it soak up for some time. It will start losing its shine with this effort.

    Some styling ways are also helpful in reducing shine. You can add curls, make it messy or wavy and these ways give a less shiny look as it makes the hair catching less light.

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    Dry shampoos are another way to make your wig less shiny. With a quick spritz, it turns dull. Just try it!

    Does Your Wig Need Replacement?

    It is again a perplexing situation making it hard to decide & gauge what’s the right time to replace the wig. If you too are thinking same then go through some obvious signs shared with you below to know the answer!

    If the color is getting dull and the wig is losing the shine then it’s an alarming sign to change it. You might be using some shiny products but if you start using it quite often or regularly then you must replace the wig.

    • The wig cap is not getting fit to the head now. It is stretching out and making it difficult to wear anymore.
    • The wig fiber is getting frizzy, dry, and tangled could be one of the reasons. Moreover, the wig is losing its fiber quite often.
    • It is becoming hard to maintain a particular style.
    • The ends are fraying and can’t be repaired anymore.

    These are some signs navigating you to buy a new wig at a moment’s notice.

    Will Wig Glue Damage Your Hair?

    While taking the wig off, wig glue can surely damage your hair. Even it can cause skin irritations and damage the skin thoroughly. However, there are different types of wigs and all don’t need glue to fix it up. But if you are using glue then you need to take some precautionary steps to save your scalp. These steps are like, using glue below the hairline, using a scalp protector, after removing it, conditioning your hair thoroughly and many other aspects can save you from damage.

    How to Restore Synthetic Wigs?

    wig care tips
    Frizzy synthetic wigs might be a point of disappointment for you. But you can restore it easily by kicking out the frizz! Here are some ways to apply!

    • Detangle it with a wide-tooth comb or with your fingers benignly.
    • Use a detangling lotion and use a wide-tooth comb to lightly comb it.
    • Diluted fabric softener can also be helpful.  
    • Wash the wig with shampoo and conditioner properly.
    For heat-friendly wigs, you can use heating tools, like a straighter or flat iron or hot hairbrush to add softness and volume to your wig.

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