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Picking a Right Wig Getting Pretty Confusing? Know All the Types and Choose Right One!

Are you new to wigs? Then surely the varied types of wigs put you in perplex to choose the right one, isn’t it? Well, no worries, we will help you in understanding the types of wigs and help you choose the correct option right away!

Wigs, wigs color, style, length, all things matter, but before that, you should have a proper understanding of the type of wigs. Usually, wigs are classified into two parts- Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. This division is done on the basis of fiber used in the wigs. Here’s a brief about it!

types of wig
Human Wigs

The highest in price and highest in quality, human hair wigs are best to get an original look as it can easily be dyed, cut, or styled in the way you want. These are durable but needs some extra care and maintenance. The color of wigs also looks natural, and the overall wig appearance is healthier & last longer.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic fibers look realistic and less expensive than human hair wigs. These are further of two types: heat resistant synthetic and regular synthetic. But the problem is, it doesn’t let you style your hair in the way you want, so it’s not versatile in styling. It can be worn easily & quickly without any delay.

Its heat resistant type allows you to do any style by adding curls with curling irons and even straighten out your hair too. There’s no limit on patterns, textures, length in getting synthetic wigs.

However, the division is not limited to just these two. Here’re all types of wigs!

Types of Wigs!

Lace Front Wigs

These wigs are designed to bestow the most natural look to the person wearing it. In this, the wig’s frontline features a lace material along with individual hair that is tied to the base. Each hair strand is individually tied to the sheer lace that makes it easy to style it in any way possible. The natural-looking hairline allows you to pull back and make any hairstyle that you desire to have.

Monofilament Wigs

These lightweight and breathable wigs are good for a comfortable fit. The fine mesh material to which individual hairs are tied allows enough air to pass and even give the appearance of the scalp via hair. It’s available in human hair & fiber too. It gets blended with your skin tone and make an illusion of real hair growing from the scalp.

Hand Tied Wigs

Obviously, hand-tying is quite an arduous task ever. It’s the process of knotting down the individual hair fibers manually to the wig cap. The only purpose of doing so is to provide the sheer natural look to the wearer. It is often done on the cap’s edges or on parted areas to conceal cap material. It's pretty soft, comfortable and let you adopt versatile options to style your hair.

Machine Weft Wigs

As the name suggests, these wigs are machine production that is fashionable and contain fiber of good quality. However, it is much heavier in weight. That’s one of the reasons that it costs quite less contrasting other wigs options.

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Custom Made Wigs

Custom made whole wigs or just the pieces of it made on order gives a perfect fit to your head. As per the parting, density, colors, hair type, crown areas, length, and all such details, you can make your wigs prepared in the way you want.

What Type of Wig is the Best?

Well, as you are aware of several types of wigs available out there. But the decision to pick the right one depends on a wide array of factors. Know about it here and choose the right after knowing about all factors!

  • Start with the texture, length, and hairstyle. If you want to style it as many times and ways as you want, then human hair wigs are good to go, as synthetic wigs offer limited styling versatility.
  • If you want a natural appearance, then human hair wigs are best. Otherwise, you can go for synthetic wigs.
  • If you want to change wigs so often and try new options, then synthetic wigs are good as these are less durable than human wigs.

We hope you get the right navigation in choosing the wig that will suit you the most. The role of wig glue in wearing wigs also quite imperative, and many other factors impact on proper wearing of wigs, so you contemplate all things before buying it.

We hope now you know which option you should choose and why! Do share your perception with us in the below-given comment section.

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