Choosing the Wig Color: All Aspects you Must Know for a Flattering Look!

    Hair wig can prove fiddly when it comes to picking the perfect one matching your personality. The varied style schemes, colors, and types of ladies wigs make it perplexing to choose the right one that suits perfectly to the overall personality of the person. There are numerous factors subsuming eye color, skin tone, texture, and all that affects the decision of purchasing a wig.

    Wigs are a great option to pick that will save you from damaging your original hair by applying chemicals. So, for your ease, we have summed up the list by contemplating eye colors, skin shades, cool skin tones, and many other aspects that you must follow while picking the right color. Go through the tips!

    Before Choosing the Color!

    You must consider the right type of wig. Hereby type, we mean synthetic wigs or human hair wigs. Both the wigs options have their own merits & demerits that you must consider before finally picking it up. Each type of wig gives a different look and feel, so it’s important to consider first, which type of wig you will choose before going for the color schemes.

    how to choose wig color
    Tips to Choose Right Wig Color!

    Let’s make the challenging task of choosing wig colors, the simplest one by applying these simple tips!

    • Skin Shades

    Choosing the wig in contrasting your skin tone is quite imperative. Skin tone starts fading away with the passage of time, so hair color in contrast to it, or we can say a lighter tone can probably bring a youthful look. Skin tone and hair color can bring a good contrast to bright up your overall appearance.

    For cool skin tones, it’s good to go for orangey reds, beachy golden blonde, or brown tones. However, for warm skin tone, pick platinum hue, blonde or silvery blonde colors.

    So, choosing wig color in contrast to skin tone could be quite tricky. Choose the shade that suits your natural hair color, either a little bit lighter or darker. You can match the color as per your cooler skin tone and get the one that works a long way for you.

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    • Eye Color

    Choosing wig in contrast to eye color is equally important as it should match to your skin. With eye color of green, light blue, golden brown, hazel, turquoise, or another warm eye color, then it’s good to pick a cooler toned wig like golden or dark browns, auburn, chestnut, or red. However, if you have a cool eye color like black-brown, icy blue, deep brown, dark blue, grey, dark hazel, then it’s good to go with more natural colors such as brown, black, or blonde tones.

    For an overall cohesive look, match the wig color with not just eyes but with skin tone too.

    • Natural Hair Tone

    For a better look, it’s important to match the wig color with your natural hair. It shouldn’t be much lighter or darker than the natural color of your hair. However, if you want to give a new look to you, then you can buy different colored wigs and change your style over & over again.

    • Aging Effects

    With aging, lighter hair shades look more beautiful than the darker ones. Though people repel choosing a lighter or grey wig color, it gives a more flattering look than a darker one. Warm or lighter shades bring an ultimate natural appearance.

    • Environmental Effects
    Many of you hardly know that dyed hair and wig color gets faded in the sun. So, if you live in a sunny area or highly hot region, then it’s good to prefer a lighter shade that doesn’t get fade away easily, instead of picking dark black or brighter red.

    Are you looking for adding Highlights?

    For your wonder, now human hair wigs and synthetic wigs both are pre-blended with natural highlights. You can get wigs with highlights in a wide array of color options. You can add highlights in contrast to your wig color and give yourself a unique look right away.

    Just reach the Wig Store Hair and Beauty Canada and get wigs for cancer patients, synthetic short wigs, or any sort of wig you want available in all colors. Reach us, match wigs with your skin and eye color, and consider all the important points while taking a wig.

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