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    Growing our hair long is among the toughest jobs. But we all like to have bouncy long hair. Isn’t it?  So since the struggle of making our hair long turns into impossibility, and also because there are some types of hair that never tend to grow long, wearing a wig is the only solution. No, this is not disappointing at all for when you will see the collection of Long Wigs at Hair and Beauty Canada, you will just be blown with the kind of varieties it has on offer and will surely jump to grab your favorite long hair wig right away.

    long wigs
    So here’s to all those collections that are simply irresistible:

    1. Gigi Human Hair Wig:

    Well, this special wig is named after the famous celebrity Gigi Hadid. This a long straight wig made with 100% original human hair. It has customized bangs that can be adjusted. This Chinese virgin hair wig is available in about twenty different shades and colors. It is 18"-20" in length with a glueless 22" cap. This is the most demanded wig in Long Wigs from the Wigs Vancouver collection. The cost of this wig is $2,499.97.
    2. Kayla Long Human Hair Wig:

    This is a full lace silk top wig made from human hair in Long Wigs. It looks so natural that its simple beauty attracts people. It comes in length 18" with a cap size of 22". It is made with 100% Chinese virgin hair and is available in twenty colors. Kayla wigs cost $2297.95. So if you are looking for something simple which doesn't look fancy, you can simply go for it.

    3. Kim Human Hair Lace Front Wig:

    For women with choices of a little wavy and fancy stylish wig, this Kim wig is a great fit for you. In the category of Long Wigs, Kim is that one wig which remarkably features fine layers made with original Remy human hair that reaches to the waist. It comes in length 15" in the bang, 18" in the crown, 20" in the nape, 18" in the sides and weighs 6.2 oz. It is available in fourteen colors. The Kim wigs cost $2894.95 and are perfect for those who are looking for something trendy.
    4. Monique Human Hair Wig:

    Monique is one of the beautiful wigs in the Long Wigs category. It is also inspired by Gigi Hadid. It is made from 100% Chinese virgin hair. Available in twenty colors, it has 12-14 layers which are its specialty. This beautiful human hair wig costs just $2592.97.

    5. Obsession Wig by Incognito:

    So if you are just looking for wearing something fancy and light, you can go for this wig which is one of the finest synthetic wigs. This is an extra-long synthetic wig with 23 inches of long hair with a soft side-swept bang. And it costs just $204.76. A wig that is designed to make you feel comfortable and light!

    Hair loss in women has been a serious issue that doesn't let them have their desired long hair. Women face other hair issues too. So to rise above all of these and live free with your desired long hair, here we give you some beautiful Long Wigs to explore and experiment with. This time as our wig secrets, we are presenting wigs made with original human hair that are sure to impart you that much-needed natural look and feel. So Hair and Beauty Canada welcomes you to their exquisite wig collection. Just go for your favorite Long wigs this Christmas and flaunt your new look.

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