How Baking Soda Proves To Be An Effective Remedy For Synthetic Wig Care?

    baking Soda An Effective Remedy For Synthetic Wigs

    When we'veinvested in our favorite wig, it’s also important to take good care of it. Your new wig can give yo thatperfect hair look. The compliments that you get for that beautiful hairdo is all because of the wig you wear. So to retain its beauty for a longer time, it’s essential to follow regular wig care and maintenance tips. Easier said than done, caring for synthetic wigs often takes a backseat due to our busy schedules and also because of the notion that synthetics don’t need a strict maintenance routine. And, this is what does more harm than good to these hairpieces.

    baking soda synthetic wigSo for all those whose busy routines are preventing them from taking good care of their wigs, the baking soda miracle is all you need. It’s amazing how baking soda helps you maintain your hairpiece hygiene routine. Right from neutralizing those nasty odors to softening of your wig strands, the soda is the ultimate way to get natural looking synthetic wigs. It not just reduces the fake shine of synthetic wig but also makes it soft and bouncy.

    Here’s how to wash a synthetic wig with baking soda:

    •    Pour ½ to ¾ cup of baking soda in a large container
    •    Keep mixing it until it is completely dissolved
    •    Detangle your synthetic wig and immerse it fully into this solution
    •    Please do not rub your wig hard. Be gentle while shaking it
    •    Let your wig soak in this mixture for a few hours
    •    Once the soaking time is complete, rinse it thoroughly
    •    Make sure your unit is free from any residue
    •    Now wash it carefully with a clarifying shampoo and rinse it again
    •    Time for wig conditioning now. Use the wig conditioner to do this job
    •    Once properly conditioned, rinse it again and leave it to dry
    •    As soon as the wig dries, comb it to see the difference yourself

    While undertaking this process, you will notice that you don’t have to use as much shampoo as you normally do because of residual baking soda in your hair unit. You will just require one-third of the normal amount to carry out the wig washing process. In this way, the baking soda synthetic wig recipe helps you preserve the beauty of your synthetic wigs.

    One Pro Tip: You can either carry out this whole process by adding a teaspoon of soda to your wig washing mixture or fully immerse your wig in a diluted baking soda as we have done above. Both ways the results are excellent.

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    For a wig to serve you for a good amount of time, it’s important that it is well taken care of. Hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining the beauty and health of these hair pieces. Your slight ignorance would not just leave them frizzy and smelly but would make them totally useless. Therefore, make a routine to wash them regularly, follow the right washing and hygiene habits, and never experiment with the products.

    The real beauty of your wigs lies in your hands. Take care of them, handle them with care, and carry them gracefully. They too need your time and attention!

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    • Hi! I tried using baking soda to dull the shine of a new synthetic wig, let it soak for four hours, followed directions, etc. I didn’t see a difference. Do all wigs react in the same way? With all the complaints out there about synthetic wigs looking shiny-fake when new, why can’t manufacturers fix this problem to begin with?


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