Get the Expensive Wig look- How to dye a Wig Tutorial

    Most of us are so keen on changing our looks and getting new hairstyles, that we just can’t resist to try out new trends that come each day. But sometimes due to natural constraints, we can’t comply to all new trends all the freaking time. The latest one being the craze of a new hair color, to get over the boring black or blond. What’s more interesting to know is, since we can’t get our hair color changed on a regular basis because our natural hair would get so much destroyed by the chemical use, people opted the use of wigs as a substitute. Now since these artificial hair pieces grew common amongst the public, people resorted to resorted to coloring the wigs. If you think it’s kind of a cake walk to dye a wig especially the synthetic one, I am sorry you are highly mistaken. Since most people lack the right kind of knowledge about how to dye a wig, our experts have landed in time to help you with how to dye a wig.
    Following is a step wise tutorial on how to dye a wig:

    Step 1- Collect the Wig Accessories

    These include Wig-stand, hair clips, surgical mask, Nail Polish Remover or bleach, surgical gloves, light colored wigs, Wig dye (personal choice color), sponge, flat base wig comb and some newspapers.
    Step 2- Removing the Coloured wigs original base color

    Just like we do it for the normal human hair, it’s important to bleach the wig, before you decide to go forth the wig dying process. Moreover, you need to understand that usually black colored Wigs are less likely to be colored again. This is due to the reason that (specifically talking about synthetic hair wigs) mostly the bleaching process goes wrong with the black colored wigs only because it’s difficult to take off the black color, and mostly what has seen that the results are devastating. Sometimes the hair strands would break off due to the use of such heavy concentration of bleach.
    Coming back to removing the color from the wigs, get from your salon or online wigs store a wig bleach kit, (these come in different kit sets for different kind of wigs). Mix the bleach solution with water to dilute it and apply it on the areas you wish to remove the color. Take a sponge and apply the diluted bleach.

    Step 3 – Wait with Patience

    Just like slow and steady wins the race, so will you win over your wig. People tend to apply a higher concentration of bleach to get instant results, this might decrease the life of your wig. You need to wait for about 15-20 minutes before you go onto washing off the bleach.

    Step 4- Applying the Colour

    After you have applied bleach and waited with patience to wash it off, give the decolored wig a light pat with the towel just in order to dry it. Leave it in the open for drying, do not ever put this decolored wig in direct sunlight. Leave it for like half an hour and afterward you can give it a little blow-dry.
    After it has dried completely, do partition of your wig, using some Wig accessories such as hair clips and flat teeth comb. Put the wig dye in a flat dish and use a hair coloring brush to apply color to your wig. Firstly put colors on the last edges or say inside strands of the wig (i.e. the wig hair that is usually near the neck area), Secondly pull down more hair and apply color from an upward to a downward direction. Go on repeating this process till all the bleached hair fibers are covered.

    Step-5  Steaming the Coloured Wig

    Since you are doing this how to dye a Wig DIY thing at home, obviously you might not be having a steamer to provide the necessary heat to the wig. Now, what can you do is, fold the colored wig into a bun and put a hair mask on the wig. Take a blow-dryer and keep it on the lowest heat mode and start to blow dry the wig from over the hair mask. Now you need to do this process in different time intervals that should not last more than 2-3 minutes.
    Step 6- Washing

    Finally, the last step is washing the colored wig. First of all, remove the color using the hands. The unnecessary color would come off. Next, Make sure you wash the wig gently with normal water. Also, make sure there aren’t any breakages of hair strands. Keep them in the open to dry them and later you are ready to go with your newly colored wig.

    The only precaution you need to remember is to keep wearing surreal gloves and face mask, all the time till the colored wig is finally washed off. We hope now you have a complete Wig guide at the click of your hand. Don’t hesitate to try this How to dye a Wig tutorial, just and get the new color and compliments from the world.

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