Lace Front Wigs & Why Canadian Women Love to Wear them so much

    What are lace front wigs?
    Lace front wigs have the front section of the base made of sheer lace. Each strand of hair is manually knotted to the base in a way that allows the hair to move freely and natural. There are two kinds of lace: French lace, with higher durability and recommended for first time users, and Swiss lace, with thinner texture that remains undetectable on the head, and more expensive as well. Who can wear lace front wigs

    No matter if you have bald spots, patches with thin hair or on the contrary, you own long and healthy hair, you can wear lace front wigs. The point is to pull back your hair at the hairline and secure it under a wig cap made of nylon to prevent exposing your natural hair underneath the lace.

    Styling options

    Lace front wigs provide a wide range of styling options: bangs side swept, braids, updo, loose ponytails, off the face, layered bob, beach waves, or long layers with feathered ends.

    Natural looking

    Lightweight and breathable, lace front wigs look and feel natural. The lace blends evenly against the wearer’s scalp so that the hair seems to grow along the hairline. It is important to select the color of the lace according to the scalp color. The colors mostly used for lace are: brown, light brown, transparent, and dark brown. If you want a deeper shade, you can dye the sections where the hair is parted and at the front line. A quick method (professionals do this for years) to darken the material is to use make-up or a damp tea bag.

    A wide selection of colors, lengths, and textures

    The collections are designed to meet the needs for all types of face shape, skin color, and complexion. Lace front wigs are marketed in different lengths, which range from short cropped pixie to shoulder, and full length, hair textures (straight, wavy, and curly), and colors. When it comes to choosing a color, you have plenty of options: basic colors such as black, brown, blonde, grey, and red, highlighted shades like chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, almond, vanilla butter, chocolate cherry and creamed coffee, or funky hues of blue, red, pink, and violet.

    Custom made lace front wigs

    Women, who experience severe hair loss due to medical conditions or medications, prefer to go for custom made lace front wigs. The features of a customized wig depend on the client’s specific requirements regarding the type of hair (human or synthetic), hair density (light, medium, or heavy), size, color, length, and hairstyle. Custom wigs can be ordered online by completing our online form here


    Not long ago this type of wigs was the celebs’ privilege, especially those who perform in television and movies. Today things have changed and more and more famous wig designers come with affordable prices for their beautiful collections. Affordable and accessible, lace front wigs represent a great choice for women all over the world.

    So why do we love them you ask? It's obvious. They look real, cost half the price in most cases and they make you look awesome! Lace front wigs are ready-to-wear and are considered the best bet for those who want less hassle. They come precut, pre-styled, and can be worn right out of the box.

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