Let Your Party Wigs Be The Head Turner This Time: Grooming Them Well For That Great First Impression!

March 15, 2019

You know what these real hair wigs can be really tricky. At one hand, they impart you that sophisticated and clean look and on the other hand, they can get really wild and loud to suit your theme parties. Yes, this is how wigs are; flexible enough to suit any occasion at any time. All you need to do is just clear your facts about human hair wigs and then you can experiment as much as you want to make it a right fit for your fun social event. After all, who doesn’t want that killer look and when it’s a party; things have to be really attractive. You just have to learn the rules for wearing your party wigs in a way that they leave a long-lasting impact.

Whether it is a different type of hair extensions or some colorful wigs on your mind for the upcoming party, make sure you give your best. But yes, choosing a wig over your natural tresses doesn’t mean you can wear them as they come. There are pre-party preparations needed to make your hairpiece standout. For, your real hair wigs too need to be groomed like your own locks to create that magic.


So here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you stand out from other wig wearers in the party:

• A wig cap makes all the difference. Wear it underneath your wig to keep your hair under control. After all, you need to concentrate on that perfect wig look and can’t be stuck fighting flyaways. So make sure your natural hair is kept flat under a cap to make your wig sit well.

• Sewing wig clips around the hairline is helpful for updos and in case, you are adorning a pigtail style for this party, the clips will keep your wig intact to the right place, making it look completely natural.

• If there’s a time for the party but you have already styled your wig, make sure you do not leave it like that. Until you wear it, rest it on a head-shaped thing if you do not have a wig stand. This is the best way to keep your hairpiece in its best style and form.

• If flaunting curls is your idea of a party tonight, just get your real hair wigs ready accordingly. Wrap the hair strands around curlers, boil some water and pour it over the wig in the sink. Now just let it dry and cool. The result is beautiful curls for your beautiful party look.

• Similarly, if you are looking to style up in waves, follow the above directions and wait for the magic to begin. Loose waves can be achieved with a few big, chunky braids while the wild, 80’s crimp can be achieved with some smaller prop. However, if straight hair is your ultimate style, just apply sufficient steam or boiling water to your bouncy hair wigs and let it cool and dry for that perfect straight look.

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• You can even experiment with colors to look different and sassy. There are rainbow of colors available in a wig, which if used the right way, can change the game in your favor.  Just grab a wig in base color you desire and rock the party. Colors work best to hide your originals.

• Most importantly, trying your wig before wearing it on a party is essential. This will give you an idea about your look and also if anything is needed, that can be done on time. However, if you aren’t planning anything special for your wig look tonight, just playing around with a few bobby pins can get you that perfect party look.

Wigs Canada has an incredible collection of different types of wigs. Be it a formal or a casual occasion, you are sure to get your type of hairpiece in your budget from there. So just get, set, and go for that eye-catching party wig look.

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