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Redefining Fashion With Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs are a special type of hairpieces where hair strands are hand-tied to a sheer lace base that is attached to the front hairline. Made from thin or nearly invisible lace material, these wigs integrate with the natural hairline effortlessly.

Designed to cover the entire scalp area, this wig boasts a comfortable cap construction with adjustable straps.

Its extensive variety of natural styles, sizes, colors, and styling versatility allows you to achieve the latest hairstyles in no time. With the right DIY tips or hairstylist assistance, the lace front wigs can be easily installed, detached, and maintained.

Although, the role of glue in wearing a wig can’t be denied, there are also other ways to fix your wig; either with elastic bands, wig grips, clips, or tape.

In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about lace wigs, including what makes them so popular, and how to buy or maintain them:

lace front wigs canada
•Why so trendy? Over the last decade, lace front wigs have surged immense popularity and it’s no wonder why! It was the glitz and glam of Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce, the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie who first brought lace front wigs into the limelight. Initially, these wigs were used in Hollywood to suit different movie characters.

Later, considering its realistic look and versatile styling options, celebrities started to flaunt their new-wig-look on runways, red carpet events, concerts, parties, and even shopping extravaganzas. Popularized by the entertainment industry, now lace front wigs are synonymous with fashion, elegance, and charm. Its fabulous range of natural styles, vibrant shades, and comfort level is setting a new standard of excellence in the world of wigs! The lightweight and comfortable wig cap allows the scalp to breathe while causing no damage to your natural hair. With all this on point, there was hardly anything that could have stopped it from becoming popular.

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•How to buy lace frontal wigs? For the latest, high-quality, and durable lace front wig to be in your vanity box, it’s important to consider the following key steps:

1.Facial shape: Choosing a lace frontier wig that compliments your face shape and features is critically important. To determine the facial shape, stand in front of a mirror, and pull your hair back. Now, look at the whole face from the hairline to the chin and minutely observe the shape. Find out if it is oval, square, round, oblong, or heart-shaped.

2.Head size: To select the correct wig size, measure your head circumference from the front hairline, behind your ear, around the nape of your neck, and then back to the front hairline.

3.Cap construction: For an accurate and comfortable fit, it is imperative to check the quality, durability, material, and adjustability of the wig cap. Depending on your needs and specifications, you can either choose traditional, open, lace, or hand-stitched monofilament caps.

4.Hair length and quality: Considering your face shape and taste, you can choose from long, short, curly, straight, or wavy lace front wigs. Just make sure that the wig is made from high-grade hair and offers longevity, styling versatility, and realistic appearance.
5.Wig Color: Choosing the wig color that matches with your skin tone, eye color, and personality is another important parameter for buying lace front wigs. Remember, hair color close to your skin tone will brighten your complexion, giving you a youthful look. On the other hand, a contrast between the wig color and skin tone will deeply highlight your facial features.

•How to wash and maintain the wig? Washing and maintaining your lace front wig is important to maximize its durability and preserving its aesthetic appearance. So, here are the top lace front wig maintenance tips, recommended by experts:

1.Place the lace frontal wig on the wig stand and gently remove the knots with a wide-toothed comb. Don’t over brush or pull the hair, however, if required, you can cut off the excess tangles.
2.Dampen the wig in the running cold water and wash it gently with ‘Wig-care shampoo’.
3.Now, gently comb the wig in the downward direction and let it dry naturally.
4.Once the lace frontal wig is completely dry, comb the wig gently. Now, you can just braid, curl, straighten, or twist your lace front wigs into any hairstyle.
5.Repeat the above steps in every 8-10 days to flaunt your luscious locks.

Its various features such as discreet look, high durability, easy maintenance, and versatile styling options make lace front wigs a must-buy. So if a lace front wig sounds an ideal option for you, it’s time you explore the exclusive selection of designer brands in lace front wigs Canada collection.

From sleek ‘n’ straight to textured curls, long lengths to short bobs, platinum blonde to rustic red, this is a wig that allows you to define your own style statement!

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