Shopping For The Right Sized Wig: How To Get It Fit Perfectly?

September 22, 2016

Shopping For The Right Sized Wig: How To Get It Fit Perfectly?

With wigs becoming the latest trends in Canada, people are trying different cuts and styles for a new look. There is no harm in trying out something that can make you look your best for less. And, this is what has lead to the extensive popularity of lace front wigs in Canada. You can buy them in a range of lengths and shades at a price that is affordable for anyone. So, if you are planning to buy a wig, it is very important to have your accurate head calculations or else you will be uncomfortable for the entire day.

90% of women go for average size wigs only. However, there are many instances where this size is too small or too big for the head. In such a scenario, it is better to go for custom wigs that will be designed as per your head dimensions. You just have to take the exact measurements to enjoy its perfect fit.

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As a lot of money is being invested in a new wig so it must fit comfortably. For this, you have to measure your head properly. This will help you in determining your wig and wig cap size precisely. Hence, when buying wigs in Toronto, don’t forget these two steps.

So, before you begin your measurements, make sure all your hair are properly pinned up and are lying flat. Just prepare your hair the same way you would have it before applying the wig. This is done to eliminate the bulges that mangle the head contours. Now, take the measurement using a tape but make sure you don’t stretch the tape and are placing it outside your natural hairline. These measurements must be taken at least three times to ensure accuracy.

Here is the step by step guide to get that perfect wig fit.

•    Start With Measuring Around Your Head: The circumference of your head plays a major role in wig fitting so measure it thoroughly. Position the tape in such a way that its edge follows the hairline around your head and the nape of the neck.

•    Now Take The Measurements From Your Forehead To The Nape Of Neck: This will start from your hairline at center of forehead straight back towards the center of hairline at the nape of your neck covering the crown area.

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•    Measuring Ear To Ear Across Front Hairline: At front of ear, begin your measurements from the hairline at base of sideburns crossing the hair line along forehead to the same point in front of your other ear.

 •    Taking Dimensions Over The Top Of Head From Ear To Ear: You have to take the measurements between the two ears from their respective hairlines across the top of your head.

•    Last But Not The Least, Measure It From Temple To Temple Followed By Nape Of The Neck: This will give you the exact width of the hairline.

Just follow these steps and you will definitely find the most apposite wig for your head.


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