The Curly Wigs Crown: Crowning It Like A Pro!

    Fashion trends keep changing, but the craze for curly hair is something that’s never going to be out of trend anytime soon. As we often like to style our hair and try something different on special occasions, curls at such time catch our attention. They are always a classic. And, this is the reason curly wigs are demanded quite often in the market. Their natural look and feel is what people love about them. Whether you wear them in human hair, animal hair or synthetic fiber, they are absolutely a game-changer.

    Curly wigs today come in vibrant colors, types, sizes, and shapes. It can be as stylish as you want it to be or really simple. Be it in a ponytail or a bun, these wigs won’t let you look boring no matter where you are.

    The Curly Wigs Crown
    1.Here’s to the different types of curly wigs

    •Body Wave: A way to look effortlessly fabulous! This hairstyle has plenty of attitude, sheen, and class. A famous American actress Megan Good made it an iconic alternative to straightened look.

    •Deep Wave: The deep wave gives a healthy appearance with a lot of sheen. Beauties like Rihanna have perfected their looks using this hairstyle.

    •Curly Weave: This one comes with an exotic allure and flirty bounce. Celebrities like Halle Berry have favored this hairstyle, making it a popular pick amongst the wig wearers.

    •Kinky Curly: This texture adds a lot of fluff and playful kick of personality to your crown. Singer Kelly Rolland is a renowned personality with this hairstyle.

    •Jerry Curl: Invented by the hairdresser Jerry Redding, this curly wig is known for its glossy, loosely curled look.

    Apart from these, there are Cosplay wigs that are becoming more and more popular over the years.  These are wigs that are worn to make your intended character come to life. One can thus, traverse the world of wigs, exploring many wig secrets this way and trying on everything that suits one.

    2. The right ways of wearing curly wigs

    Putting on curly wigs or any other type of wig is a pretty straight forward concept. Apply the wig starting from the back of your head and bring it forward to your hairline. Secure it with combs that are included and with the help of a drawstring simply adjust it to the size of your head. And, there you go with the curly look of your day!

    3. Taking the right care of your curly wigs

    Use lightweight products to avoid build-up and use conditioning often. Avoid regular washing of wigs (wash only after wearing 25 or more times). You should set the wig on a Styrofoam mannequin if possible as this will retain its beauty and look. Do not toss the wig on bathroom counters as this can result in knots and tangles.

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    So here’s the checklist you should follow:

    •Washing: Wigs should be washed and conditioned with wig shampoo and conditioner. One should be careful of not bunching or agitating the curly wigs as it may cause tangles. After applying shampoo, run your fingers through the hair to detangle it or use a wide-toothed comb softly. Rinse through warm water and apply a leave-in conditioner. Once the wig hair is properly conditioned, rinse them off for one last time.

    •Drying: The best way to dry curly wigs is to blot them with your t-shirt and lay them flat on a towel. It is not recommended to hang the wig as the weight of the hair can stretch out your cap and impact curls. You could also apply a gel over the hair once it is thoroughly dried to retain its luster. Make sure the hair dries well before wearing the wig again.

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    •Storing: Always store the curly wigs in the box that you bought it in or use a wig head to store it the right way. But, just avoid tossing the wig at places.

    •Hydrating: Due to frequent wearing, your curly wigs might get dull. So you need to moisturize them at such times. Simply spritz them with water and seal them with a light oil like argan or grapeseed to preserve their beauty. Because adding regular moisture is necessary to protect the wig!
    4. Styling the curly wigs

    After wearing your wig, you could cut it and shape it the way you want. You could also experiment with different colors. But don’t forget to comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb once or twice a day to keep looking neat and well-groomed.


    Curly wigs provide a classy look and allow you to move around with confidence. These are available in varieties and help you try different looks every time you step out while keeping your original hair safe and sound. Hence, it is always recommended to buy them from a trustworthy source. Whether you like synthetic or looking to invest in human hair wigs, there are a number of popular brands like Raquel Welch wigs that can help you get that perfect curly look within your budget.

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