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    Just Don’t Ignore These 4 Questions Before Buying Your Favorite Hairpieces!

    Just Don’t Ignore These 4 Questions Before Buying Your Favorite Hairpieces!

    There was a time when people used to hide that they were wearing wigs, just to save themselves from embarrassment. But, today, wigs play an important role in one’s physical appearance. Thanks to the celebrity wig wearing culture, people have started accepting their wigs in public now. This has eventually lead to the popularity of wigs Toronto and lace wigs Canada, which has doubled their stock of wigs for women. From curly, wavy, straight to bouncy, now you can pick your favorite lace front wigs in as many styles as you want and can portray your different looks at different points in time.

    Women always look for beauty in whatever they use and wigs are no different. However, sometimes along with the beauty, it becomes necessary to consider other factors as well. Your wig must also have other important elements if you want its beauty to be preserved for a longer time. Women usually get carried away when they see wigs for sale with the thought of saving more money but they often forget that the best price can’t give the desired comfort. You have to pay attention to details even if you are buying them from the sale.

    So to ease out your wig buying process, we have prepared a set of 4 questions that will help you in buying the right hairpieces and lace front wigs.

    Question 1: What kind of hair are these wigs made of?
    While shopping for wigs, you will come across three different types of wig manufacturing: synthetic wigs, human hair wigs and the combination of these two. Depending upon your choice and budget you can go for either type. However, human hair wigs are more beneficial than synthetic ones but yes; they are also costly in comparison to their counterparts. All in all, the choice is yours.

    Question 2: How Are These Wigs Made?
    Wigs are usually made in two ways, either they are machine-made or hand-tied. Their hand-tied form is further categorized as pre-custom and full-custom. The machine-made wigs are more comfortable and economical and are readily available in different styles, colors and head sizes. Even if they don’t get fit properly, these can be easily altered as per your head size.

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    Question 3: Do these wigs need any attaching aids to get fixed onto the scalp?
    Generally, wigs are crafted to fit your scalp perfectly so they don’t require any attaching aids. But, women wearing wigs, usually tend to look for an additional security and can go for some clips or pins for an added grip. You just have to make sure that your lace front wigs are not feeling heavy and itchy on your scalp.

    Question 4: Do these wigs need a different washing technique?
    You have to be very careful while washing your hairpieces or else you will get them badly tangled. It is important to clean your wig after 14-18 wearings in order to keep it healthy and shiny. Be very gentle with your wig while giving it a clean-up.

    Ladies, next time, just keep these questions ready while you are out on a wig shopping.

    Wigs For Women: Some Hot Wig Hair Styles That You Must Give A Try This Year!

    Wigs For Women: Some Hot Wig Hair Styles That You Must Give A Try This Year!

    Gone are the days when wigs for women were just looked upon as a fashion accessory. Today, it has become an essential element of identity. You know back in the early days the womens wigs were the symbol of wealth and power that showcased intellectual, sexual, and social status. However, in the present scenario, the human hair wigs are worn for fun, entertainment or simply to hide the medical ailments. Well, this was also considered shameful sometimes back; it is only now that wearing hairpieces have been openly welcomed by the people. Probably this is due to plenty of celebrities that have recently come out with their wig appearances.


    C’mon ladies, there’s nothing wrong in wearing wigs. Looking beautiful is your right and for this, you can go with any wig style or types like lace front wigs or hairpieces etc. Sometimes, we want to experiment with our hair but the fear of disastrous outcomes prevents us from taking this risk. In such a case, human hair wigs and hairpieces come in handy. They don’t just keep you on imagining but offers you the live effects. From blonde, brunette, to black, womens wigs can be tried in a number of options and styles.

    Just like your basic accessories, there are wigs for sale that allows you to choose from its exquisite range and flaunt your new look with confidence. The wigs Toronto has a stock of many such wigs which varies in style, size, and color and can also be custom-designed as per your requirements. You just have to make a suitable choice to portray your rocking personality. To look younger and sexier, here are some hottest wig hairstyles that you must try this season to establish your different and chic persona:

    •    The Pixie Style Is Sure To Get You A Lot Of Attention: Being one of the hot hairstyle trends for womens wigs, Pixie is a cut that most women love to flaunt. A perfect hairstyle for human hair wigs, it is super versatile and adds volume and texture where it is needed the most. You can go for lightly layered or spiked up style in Pixie.


    •    No Hair Style Can Beat The Sexiness Of Bob Cut: A cut that is known for its high-end sophistication can go well with anyone. Anyone of you can pull off its blunt or layered look. This type of wig cut frames your face and draws attention to your cheekbones and eyes.


    •    Layers For A Natural Look And Feel: Nobody can ever go wrong with layers. These are light and have a lot of bounce, which mimics the natural movement of your natural tresses.


    •    Full-Length Wigs For An All Round Appeal: If you love to experiment with different hair styles on a daily basis, then this is the cut for you. Their maximum styling versatility will let you enjoy a range of styles without fuss.


    So just go on and try these hairstyles to make your hairpieces look completely natural.

    Raquel Welch's Wigs Styled with Glamour & Grace

    Raquel Welch's Wigs Styled with Glamour & Grace

    Raquel Welch - The bombshell who has it all with charisma and her wig business

    Raquel Welch is not just another popular actress who you have witness on the silver screen as a sex symbol. She has time and again proved that she is much more than a sexy body and a pretty face. She always believed in living life queen size and never giving up on things no matter how tough they became. Raquel was initially launched as an actress and then she built an empire with her wig business. Lets delve deeper into the charismatic life of Raquel Welch.

    Early Life and how she started her acting career

    Raquel was born into a modest Spanish household as Jo Raquel Tejada. Her year of birth is 1940 and her father was a spanish aeronautical engineer. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Raquel was always attracted to performing arts, even as a child. In her early teens, she joined Ballet but quit soon after the teacher told her how her figure wasnt made for it.

    When her family moved to California some years later, she started on her dream again and participated in beauty contests. These initiatives led her to modelling and finally she was casted in a movie in the year 1964. This movie was A house is not a homein which she played the role of a call girl. It wasnt the best one but she finally got a start in the film industry.

    Turning points in acting career and becoming the bombshell

    Raquel married her school sweetheart James Welch in 1959. They had two beautiful children. Raquel Tejada, now addressed as Raquel Welch went on to do more film roles. However, most roles that she did portrayed her as a sexy bombshell or as they say the eye candy of the film. The turning point of her life was the movie One in a millionin which she looked her sexiest self in bikinis. This movie caught the eye of the masses and directly promoted her as the bombshell and the sexiest woman of those times. While it was delightful for Raquel, she was eager to get out of the just a sexy bodyimage. Finally in the year 1970 she received the chance and she grabbed it with both hands.

    Raquel played the role of a transsexual woman in the movie Myra Breckinridge. It was an extremely controversial and challenging role. Despite quenching Raquels thirst for meaningful roles, the movie did not do well on the box office. However, she went on to win the Golden Globe award for her role in Three Musketeersin the year 1974. Several prestigious awards followed this event up till the 80s.

    Raquel Welch - The business woman

    As is evident, Raquel found immense success and wealth in the 80s and was ready to dip her feet in other avenues apart from acting. She released her own book and a video series about fitness and beauty. It was called The Raquel Welch Beauty and Fitness Program. It was released in the year 1984. The book was written by Raquel and photographed by her then husband, Andre Weinfield.

    Soon after this, Raquel started her own cosmetics line and introduced the range of wigs. Her wigs business found immense success and relaunched her in front of the world. Raquels dream of not being remembered simply as a sex icon was finally being fulfilled with her wigs business.

    Running the Wig Business and Aging with Grace

    Raquel’s love of beauty and hair caused her to launch her very own wigs collection under the name “Raquel Welch Wigs”. Her wigs have become the epitome of class and grace. She has such a huge and definitive variety of wigs that it makes one gape with awe. Her wigs suit ladies fro all age groups and are available in both human hair and synthetic hair wigs. Her wig line also includes classic caps, mono top wigs and lace front wig styles.

    Raquel chose to age gracefully with her movie appearances in Legally Blonde (2001) and Forget About It (2006). Raquel was also named as a beauty icon by MAC Cosmetics in the year 2007 during which they chose her to be a model spokesperson for the brand.

    Raquel also became the face of Foster Grants sunglasses during the same time. Raquels desire to be just more than a sex symbol is also reflected in her autobiography released in 2010 which is named Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage.

    Raquel Welchs wigs are not only of appreciable quality but she also names them very interestingly. The wigs have their character and name of their own. There is a wig called spotlightand another called Enigma. Even now Raquel is known to be a vivacious and confident woman who defines the meaning of ageing gracefully and being at peace with a life she has had.


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    Tips for Making Your Human Hair Wigs Last Long

    Tips for Making Your Human Hair Wigs Last Long

    For many people, human hair wig is one of the important aspect. They pick up Wigs for sale to avoid hair loss, bad haircuts, alopecia, and bald spots. Hence it is one of the primary requirement for us that the Wig should last long. When it comes to wigs for women,you have an option to restyle, color, and even cut your Wig as per your requirements. Whether you buy Wigs for the purpose of fashion, hair loss, or any other reason, it is essential that we take care of the Wig to prolong its life and make it a worthy investment. Now let us look as how we can properly take care of our Wigs so that its last longer:-


    1)    Preparation of wigs:

    • Wig should be put on the Wig stand.
    • The fingers should spread hair bundles.
    • Brush the wig using the finger.
    • Do not touch the cap of the wig

    2)    Wig washing:

    When it comes to washing the wig, you would not believe that it is as easy as washing your normal hair. Most wigs come with the manufacturer Wig Guide on how to properly clean the wig. Here is the basic direction on how we can wash our wig:-

    • You need to fill the bowl with lukewarm water.
    • Put the Wig in the Luke water and wash it using baby shampoo.
    • Always use a wide tooth comb to separate the shampoo from the hair.
    • Rinse the hair thoroughly by pouring lukewarm water on the hair until entire shampoo is washed away.
    • Pat the Human Hair Wigs using the towel to get rid of the excess water.
    • Now comb the wing and then put it on the special wig stand to make it completely dry before wearing it.

    Wig nourishment:

    You can use hair balsam if you wish to have a shiny and silky Human Hair Wigs. Additionally use of a Hair conditioner can also be effective if you want to have a silky hair.

    Wig protection and holding:

    • Always hold the wig far away from the heating devices and other temperature sources.
    • If you wear the wig regularly, then make a practice of keeping it on the wig stand.
    • If you wear the wig rarely, dry the wig completely and keep it in a box.

    Tips for getting natural look with wigs:

    When buying the hair wig keep in the mind that only those Wig should be bought that gives u a natural look rather than buying as per the brand name.Here are few tips through which you can look natural while wearing a wig:-

    • Rooted colors give your Wigs Measurement and a natural look for your hair
    • Lace front gives virtual natural hairline
    • Monofilament is same as the lace front.
    • Always use the heat from your hand to style the wig
    • Place your wig in the right position to give the illusion of original hair
    • The most favorite trick is blending the wig with your own hair.

    A Life Changing Experience With Chemotherapy Wigs

    A Life Changing Experience With Chemotherapy Wigs

    Dealing with hair loss is one of the biggest hardships of battling cancer. You tend to lose self-confidence and self-interest. There is negativity all around you and you try to distance yourself from people. However, such an attitude poses more harm than good to you. So why not go for chemotherapy wigs, something that can help you get back your lost confidence. Seriously, wigs in Canada are changing the way people look at cancer. No doubt, this range of human hair wigs in Canada will look significantly different from your original hair initially but they aren’t easily recognizable. The only difference which it will bring will be in your appearance and that’s obvious. Wigs make you look different, new, and fresh.


    With cycles of chemotherapy going on every other month, it becomes difficult to maintain healthy locks. And, the scenario is different in every case. Some go through acute baldness while there are some who suffers from thinning hair. In both the cases, chemotherapy wigs serve the best. We all know what role hair plays in one’s personality and getting gripped in the disease like cancer can adversely affect your persona. But with technology advancing every other day, it has become easier to find wigs for women suffering from this ailment. The inventory of wigs Toronto has an exquisite range of chemotherapy wigs that can be bought in an ample of styles and cuts. So no matter to what extent you have been affected by the chemo, you will always get the right wigs in Canada as per your requirements.

    Designed specifically for cancer patients, the chemotherapy wigs might look like a normal wig but they are actually different.

    •    They are not the ones you get at a local salon or hairdresser.
    •    Their crafting, designing and material selection is precisely done so that they can comfortably fit onto a patient’s head.
    •    As they are designed for the ease of the patients so they are easy to maintain and dry faster.
    •    Considering the serious conditions of the cancer patients, these chemotherapy wigs are made light in weight and are usually less expensive.

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    •    The chemotherapy wigs are softer in construction and are hypoallergenic as compared to the regular wigs. So patients will always feel comfortable wearing them.

    Earlier people used to make out that you are wearing a wig by just looking at them but today things have changed a lot. The present day human hair wigs in Canada are so realistically designed that they perfectly look like your natural tresses, having a positive impact on your appearance. This means even if you are bald or going to become soon, wigs can be a great option to preserve your natural look. It will definitely help you fight cancer with a smile on your face. There’s no need to feel upset about your lost hair or baldness, switch to chemotherapy wigs and regain your confidence and lively spirit. Beat your cancer by staying positive.



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