How do I wash my Synthetic Wig?

    how do I wash my synthetic wig

    How to wash Synthetic Wig? 


    Gather The Essentials Required to Wash a Synthetic Wig

    Before starting any work, you must have all the essentials tools so that you can complete the task efficiently. For a better washing of the synthetic wig, you will require:

    • A sink full of cold water
    • Shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for synthetic wigs
    • Wig comb
    • Clean towel
    • Wig stand

    Step-2 Remove all tangles

    Before you lower your sublime mane, utilize a synthetic wig comb to delicately turn out any knot. Never attempt to power or yank out obstinate tangles. This can pull out all fibers from the wig and cause harm to the wig cap.

    Step-3 Soaking of Synthetic Wig

    Now, you will need to fill your sink or bowl with cold water. We are saying cold water because cold water is good for washing a synthetic wig. If you will use hot water then it may harm the fibres of the synthetic wig.  

    • Put 1 tablespoon of shampoo that is designed for synthetic hair, and add it to the water.
    • Try to blend the shampoo and water together perfectly.
    • Drench your synthetic wig submerged for 1-5 minutes in this water and shampoo solution. Keep in mind that you do not have to scrub the wig just gently soak it inside the solution.

    Step-4 Lather

    After completion of 1-5 minutes soaking of the synthetic wig, expel it from the water and start to tenderly run your fingers over the edges of the wig top, concentrating on territories where sweat and soil appear. Be particularly delicate on any hand-tied strands of the wig as scouring energetically could harm and loosen the hand-tied strands.

    Step-5 Rinse the Shampooed Synthetic wig

    Wash the cleanser out of the synthetic wig in cool and clear water until it completely gets rinsed. You can use cold water or normal running water to clean the wig. With the help of a clean and dry towel blot the synthetic wig. You should not squeeze or wring your synthetic wig.

    Step-6 Conditioning Your Synthetic Wig

    Since you have washed your hairpiece, you are prepared to condition it. Till now the synthetic wig should be wet from washing. Apply a limited quantity of conditioner that is specifically crafted for these types of wigs, to your hands and rub together. Avoid the cap of the wig from being conditioned. You need to get the conditioner far from the top. The strands that are hand-tied, on them conditioner can cause them to get loosened, bringing about loss of hair. Completely wash the conditioner from the wig with running water. Rather than utilizing a standard conditioner, a substitute strategy is to apply light conditioning spray over your synthetic wig. But be sure that you do spray 10-12 inches far from the hair.

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    Step-7 Drying the Synthetic Wig

    You have to deal gently with your wet synthetic hair wig. Avoid combing the wig when it is wet. By doing this you will damage the fibres of the synthetic wig. Locate your wig on a clean and dry towel. With the towel, gently blot your wig so that excess of water gets removed. After that place, put the wig over the wig stand and let it air dry.

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