Synthetic Wig: To Color Or Not To Color Is The Question

May 22, 2018

Synthetic wigs are the most versatile of wigs that you can ever lay your hands on. They are customized as per your needs and specifications, which means that at the end of the day it is you who holds the creative wand be it a curler, straighteners or hair dye and can work your magic on it.

Can You Dye Synthetic Wigs

Now let’s get into the basic semantics of coloring your synthetic hair wig from scratch.

The major difference while coloring synthetic hair vs. human hair wigs is obtaining the right shade. A wig made from human hair is easier to color because it works in the same way as your natural hair does, however, when you try coloring your synthetic hair you need to realize that it is made up of synthetic fibers which have been dyed to give you the present color. Hence, it is easy for you to color your lighter shaded wig into a darker tone but getting a lighter tone or highlighted streak on a dark one is difficult.

But before you go into coloring, you need to know how to buy wigs as per their cap construction types.

A full lace cap construction and frontal lace cap construction are the most popular styles among ladies. When you ask about how to buy wigs, it all depends on the purpose for which you are buying the wig for. Frontal lace construction works for those who are trying to cover up their balding scalp and a full lace cap is for the ones who are keen on giving their hair the right breathing space.

how to due synthetic wig

Now back to the question: Can we dye synthetic wigs?

Yes, why not.

Certain tips to consider the tricks to work on when dying synthetic wigs:

• When you buy a synthetic wig you must buy one that actually allows you to dye the wig as per your choice and maintains the usage life of it.

• If you plan on dyeing a darker shade and want the perfect look then it is suggested that the base color (the original wig color) should be a light one so that color can be covered on it.

• If you have a darker hair color and want a lighter one then you must bleach or pre-lighten it with suitable agents first and then go for the shade you desire. It heightens the chances of you getting the requisite shade.

•  Buy a heat resistant wig. It not only helps you style it but also allows you to color and/or dye your hair wig.

Dyeing a synthetic wig can be quite tricky and getting the desired shade even trickier. All that you need is some patience and luck on your side.

And with this, we also advise you to take extra care of your dyed synthetic wigs with suitable shampoos, conditioners, and hair fixers among other things.

You can go all creative with your hair extensions this season and stumble across a look that is the best for you.

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