What should be Your Top Pick, Hair Toppers or Wigs? Pros & Cons of Hair Toppers vs Wigs!

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    Getting some extra volume to hair is never a bad idea. Especially when certain areas of your head are getting bald or hairs are getting thin, it’s good to opt for hair toppers. Even if you spot spaces in between the hair these hair toppers, specifically human hair toppers contribute to natural transformation.

    Now bald head care is no more stressful as hair toppers can certainly enhance your confidence level. In fact, today it has turned out as an ideal way to cover the head top. Today we have compiled up all about hair toppers, it’s pros and cons and other important facts! Go through the article!

    Hair Toppers Canada

    Brief about Hair Toppers!

    These small versions of wigs cover only a specific part of the head. These are also called top piece that people usually prefer to cover the head top. Even some prefer wearing it to cover the sides of the heads. Human hair toppers are quite prevalent to get an original look. It’s best for the people who started facing the hair loss issue. Hair toppers are good to cover thin hair areas or bald spots on the head.

    Hair Topper Pros!

    Ample Flexibility

    Hair toppers give a completely realistic appearance with its varied color & size options that different types of wigs can’t ever do. You are free to make any style either it’s a ponytail or tightening it with a hair bun.

    Within Your Budget

    The best part is you can easily buy these affordable wigs. Its price is much cheaper than other alternatives and let you change your style anytime you want. You don’t need to drop your pockets.

    Breathable and Comfortable

    Wiglets are usually so comfortable and breathable to wear. The reason is, it just covers one portion of your head and not the complete area. So, it remains lightweight and comfortable while wearing.

    Hair Toppers Cons!

    Wearing correctly is a Challenge

    As it’s not for your whole head, so wearing it properly to create an illusion to another person, is quite tough. Attaching the clips need utmost attention as poorly attached clips can hurt the scalp and damage your natural hair.

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    Difficult to Find Exact Match

    For a completely natural and relatable look, you need to match texture and color. Matching hair toppers with your real hair is a challenge in itself. Rare is the chance that one gets the right color. In case, you don’t find the exact color then the only option you have is to color your hair to equalize hair topper.

    Deep Maintenance

    Maintenance of everything is imperative. However, in the case of hair toppers or wiglets, it needs your little more effort. Especially human hair toppers need the same care as your real hair demands. To enhance its life, caring is not an option, but a compulsory act!

    Do Hair Toppers Cause Hair Loss?

    Before buying this is the most common question that arrives in everybody’s mind. Well, it’s not necessary! We are not saying that hair toppers have any relation to hair loss. However, the incorrect application, use of low-quality clips can become a reason for hair loss. Here are the tips to stop it if you are facing the same issue!

    • For sensitive skin, allergy-resistant clips are good to use.
    • For women with a more bald head or more sensitive scalp area, it’s advised to not to choose wiglet with clips.
    • Don’t wear hair toppers while sleeping. It may affect blood circulation in hair follicles and become a reason for hair loss.
    • Don’t pull off the toppers suddenly or harshly from your hair. Otherwise, it might take out your hair along with it.
    • Choose a proper cap size by measuring the area of hair loss. It will protect you from further damage.

    Why Wigs should You Prefer over Hair Toppers?

    Well, toppers are surely a good option to go. These provide a natural appearance and are comfortable to wear. Plus it provides versatility to you in terms of styling. You can make any style with your hair and are so affordable to buy. Then why should you go for wigs over toppers?

    The reasons are simple. Get it here!

    Covering Partial Head

    Hair toppers don’t cover the complete head and are not suitable for complete hair loss. On the contrary, wigs cover the complete head. So, for the people suffering from medical conditions or going through chemo or alopecia, wigs are the only option.

    Color Match- A Big Trouble

    As hair toppers don’t enclose the whole scalp so it necessitates the user to get an exact color. Matching color with your real hair color is not easy. At one point or another, you will find a difference in texture or color. This again makes wig a better option.

    Topper Clips

    Topper clips are uncomfortable especially for those who have sensitive skin. Moreover, it also leads to more hair loss if one wears low-quality clips.


    With toppers, making hairstyle is a time-consuming process. The reason is you need to style it along with your natural hair. However, wigs are quite easy to set and ready to wear.


    Hair toppers are surely a good option you can opt for. However, before finally buying, it’s essential to go for the difference in wigs and hair toppers. Hair topper Canada can help you conceal the hair thinning and bald patches of the head. On the other hand, wigs are good for complete head protection. You are free in choosing the wig color of your choice amid varied wigs brands.

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