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Get Over Your Cancer Hair Fall With Hair And Beauty Canada!

Chemotherapies and additional cancer treatment impact a woman’s life unexpectedly. Lively hair growth witnesses a sudden halt with excessive and uncontrolled hair fall. Besides the tedious and painful treatments, it is the loss of morale that strikes cancer patients. And, with the already ongoing pandemic, things are already difficult for cancer patients. This is where wigs and hairpieces can play an important role.

Wigs for Cancer Patient

Hence, at Hair and Beauty Canada, women suffering from cancer can shop for exclusive chemo hats, cancer wigs,...

How Can Wigs for Alopecia Help Individuals Suffering From Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem among individuals, and there are several reasons behind it. The intensity of hair fall varies from person to person. Some people face partial hair loss in specific areas, while others have thinning fine hair. There are several treatments available including wigs for alopecia. New hair regrowth techniques are hitting the market every other day. Taking help from expert doctors can also help you with a permanent solution. But at times, due to several reasons, it is not possible to get back the normal growth of your hair. Even during the hair loss treatment, it...

Learn How to Grow Your Hair Super Fast

Learn How to Grow Your Hair Super Fast

Healthy and beautiful hair that grows fast is not an unrealistic achievement. All you need is some patience, commitment, and the necessary determination to change several inappropriate habits that affect the hair growing.

A balanced diet

In general, a balanced diet is the starting point of any plan made to improve the overall health. If you really want a healthy hair able to grow in a timely manner, then you have to work on your diet. The main element that enters in the hair composition is the protein called keratin. You need to consume food reach in proteins like eggs,...

Wigs for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Hair & Beauty Canada offers a wide array of products for persons facing hair loss at all levels including wigs for thinning hair. For those of us who choose not to wear wigs but just want to add thickness to thinning areas, we offer top hair pieces in both synthetic and human hair. These hairpieces easily attach to your existing hair with clips and provide an instant natural blend  to your own hair disguising your thinning areas.

Wigs for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Our in stock hairpieces are the...

Chemotherapy Wigs - What to do Before Therapy Begins

Chemotherapy Wigs - What to do Before Therapy Begins

If the oncologist confirms that the pattern of chemotherapy will lead to alopecia it will be wise to cut the hair very short before starting the therapy. This causes a less rapid hair loss and has a less psychological impact to see the short hair falling as compared to whole strands. You can, thereafter, begin to possibly wear a wig of your choice or alternatively a head wrap, turban or a scarf to slowly prepare psychologically to the new body image. It is also sometimes better to wear wigs, scarves, turbans and hats at...